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Time for an update

Here we are with our first blog post!

We would like to explain few things to the community:

EA declined to let us use the original Medal Of Honor Allied Assault ingame assets for Medal Of Honour Rises development.
This means that we have to start from 0 and have to use free-to-use assets to develop our game now.
Indeed, that means that a beta release will take longer than expected! But no worries, in the mean time we will try to keep you up-to-date with some blog posts!

We have already found some free-to-use assets, for example this nice detailed thompson:

As this game is a sideproject and NOT our fulltime job, it will take some time to create an awesome remagination of Medal Of Honor Allied Assault.
Also note that this is completely voluntary. This means no agreements for compensation will be made. You can find more info on this page: https://moh-rises.com/recruiting/

Got feedback? Join us on our discord!
See you in our next blogpost! 🙂