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Message areas

Weapon updates and chat replacement

Weapon effects

We are kinda late with this blog post since this is an older update that was done few months ago in MOHUE. All weapons their bullet “puffs” and impact animations are implemented. Below are some screenshots in Snowy Park demonstrating the Thompson and bazooka effects.

Thompson shooting effects
Bazooka shooting effect
MG42 usage

It’s now also possible to use the MG42 in MOHUE. Many MOHAA server have this weapon removed, we will also add an option for server owners to disable this weapon online.

Chat replacement

This is also an update that was implemented few weeks ago. The idea is to split up the message area where all chat, kill and taunt messages in their own area. The screenshot below shows the idea where every element would be displayed:

Message areas
Idea for restructuring the message area

This should give a better overview for chat messages, taunts and kill messages. The image below shows the implemented version:

chat replacement
Message areas implemented version

If you have feedback about these updates or in general about MOHUE, feel free to join us on our Discord server