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Want to try MOHUE?

Want to try MOHUE? You can now for free, with Unreal Engine!

How to play? Go to https://gitlab.com/mohue/mohue where our project is hosted on and follow the following instructions:

  • Unreal Engine 4.24
  • US copy of Medal of Honor with all expansions (check MOH:AA Revival).
Getting started

Download and install Unreal Engine (see the version above), and clone the repository recursively.

Start Unreal Engine and open mohue.uproject.

The first time you open the project, it should prompt you the path to Medal of Honor, to be able to import assets : specify the path containing MOHAA.exe and all expansions.

Folder structure
Binaries Modules for running MOHUE.
Config Default MOHUE settings.
Content MOHUE assets.
Documentation Some docs for MOHUE.
Plans Some planned things (not everything is there).
Plugins Plugins specifically made for MOHUE. EventSystem MOH:AA event system for easier importation of parameters into MOHUE. GameImporter Base plugins with interfaces for importing game content. OnlineSubsystemGame Subsystem specifically made for MOHUE Online.
Saved User saved data. ImportedContent/MOHPC Imported and converted MOH:AA assets.
Source MOHUE source code (remains private until we find a good license).
Tools (to be deleted) Deprecated tools used in the past to convert assets (should no longer exist).
WebApp MOHUE web source code (remains private until we find a good license).

Now you have MOHUE running in your Unreal Engine, you can play the game and edit maps/models/… Enjoy! Please submit feedback in our Discord channel.

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