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FAQ Page

Who is making MOHUE?

We, a team of modders who are fan of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, a WW2 game, are making a remastered version of it, you can see and contact us on the forums.

Why remake an old WW2 game?

Because we are all MOHAA fans, we wanted to revive it through a powerful engine, which is Unreal Engine, to bring it a new life with new graphics.

Do I need an original copy of MOHAA?

Yes, and the Unreal Engine Editor aswell to be able to convert your game files into the UE format.

Will the gameplay be the same than this old WW2 game?

Yes, with some potential small additions

Will it just be an HD version of this WW2 game?

No, there will be more features, like a ranking system.

When will it be released?

There is no release date yet, the first release will be an open beta for multiplayer, only when it’s ready to be played.

What are MOHUE's system requirements?

According to Unreal Engine system requirements : 8 GB Ram, Quad-Core processor and a DX11 compatible video card.

What platforms are supported?

We will only support Windows and Linux, there will be NO support on console.

Will it be moddable?

Yes, by using the same system as Unreal Tournament : gametypes and mutators. Mods will be created using the MOHUE project using the UE Editor

Will be mods from this old WW2 game compatible with MOHUE?

No, they will have to be remade using the UE editor.

Will be MOHUE network-compatible with MOHAA?

No, it could be coded using a proxy system between MOHUE <=> MOHAA, but the number of remaining players in MOHAA doesn’t make it affordable.

Will be there original maps and models from MOHAA?

We plan to make all maps and models available in MOHUE

Will it be open-source?